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Timberline Contest and Live Drawing…

Last week we ran our first art contest at the Timberline Draw Blog.  Timberline Draw Blog is a site full of local Colorado artists that draw a different topic every week.  Last week our topic was sponsored by Lukas Holmes and he offered $100 up to which every piece the fans liked the most.  Our topic was SUSPENSE!  If you would like

Teenage Wind Up Zombies!

You may recall for Christmas I posted a picture of a plush Granville that my amazing and wonderful girlfriend Desirae got for me for Christmas.  Today I came home to find this: That is a wind up Guy she made for me while I was at work today! Isn’t it awesome?! Isn’t she the best?! The answer to both is

The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards

I don’t normally post my other work outside of TLZ and Creephouse Comics here but since these are so closely related I thought I might give you all a look.  Recently I participated in Cryptozoic’s Walking Dead trading card series as a sketch card artist.  I did 20 cards for the set.  Like most sketch cards they are randomly inserted