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The Walking Dead…

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Just in case any of you out there have missed the first 3 episodes of The Walking Dead here is a reminder to track them down and watch them! I may be a little biased cause I am a huge fan of the comic but this show is magnificently produced and executed. The zombies look fantastic, the gore is out of control and the they have managed to stay true to the story while adding in new elements that fit perfectly within the context of what has been established in the comic. If they can keep this up we may have a second place contender behind Romero.


Digital Comics…

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As somebody who does most of his comic work digitally I am always looking for a new method on making may work flow more efficient. I was recommended The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics by Freddie E Williams II. This book is truly fantastic and is a treasure trove of useful information and tips for anybody who does or is thinking about doing comics digitally. It even has a section on using traditional methods with digital methods. Highly recommended. I am going to start using some of his methods for production on TLZ and upcoming works.