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Facebook Facebook Facebook…

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Teenage Love Zombies has joined the social networking craze Facebook and now has its own official page. You can check it out here or you can click on the fancy button in the right side bar. Also you may notice that on all posts from now on there is a Facebook like button. Simply click it if you “like” the page or post and it will instantly update your wall. Man what a time to be alive!

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Comic…

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TLZ will be back to the main story next week. I am hoping to get some cool things done with the comic this year! The story is in full swing now and I hope everybody has been enjoying the ride!

Just a reminder to check out the new Tumblr page I started for TLZ over at This is new to me but if any of you have a Tumblr account please follow TLZ!

Also if you have been digging the comic please leave a comment on the site.