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Albuquerque Comic Expo

Albuquerque Comic Expo published on No Comments on Albuquerque Comic Expo

I will be down in New Mexico this weekend for the Albuquerque Comic Expo. A group of Colorado chaps will be heading down to the desert to dispense some comic goodness. So if you are in the area come on down and see what is going on.

Also I will have a brand new TLZ print for sale. Check it out:


Get in the Car!

Get in the Car! published on No Comments on Get in the Car!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the power to snap your fingers and have stuff done for you? I would like to think that I would use this snapping power for good. To help people or to get things done that would benefit us as a species. Most likely I would just use it to have somebody get me a soda while I watch another Pawn Stars marathon. Maybe it isn’t a good power to have.


The Double Page

The Double Page published on No Comments on The Double Page

There is a lot of talk and good examples about the possibilites of web comics and how many different ways there are to present a story or page on the the internet. Even with an “infinite canvas” sometimes you still want to borrow from traditional print comics. I have had two “splash” pages so far and for lack of a better phrase this page is a double page spread. I have referred to it as a super tall web explosion.