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More Fan Art!

More Fan Art! published on No Comments on More Fan Art!

If you haven’t stopped by the fan art section please swing on by there and check out the awesome artwork that is coming in. It is truly awesome to see so many people putting pen (or pencil) to paper (or curser to screen) and taking the time to create my characters in their vision. Keep em coming! You can send your fan art to!


Undead Memories…

Undead Memories… published on 1 Comment on Undead Memories…

There is a lot going on over here at Camp TLZ. I am in the middle of putting together the first collected book which is coming along awesomely! I will be posting the cover here soon for everybody to check out. It is an incredible feeling to have enough content to put together a book and I am really trying to make it worth your time and money.

Also, Halloween is coming up and I am planning some special stuff for the site to celebrate the season so keep your eyes out for that. See you next week!