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Halloween Day 9: Gris Grimly

Halloween Day 9: Gris Grimly published on No Comments on Halloween Day 9: Gris Grimly

Gris Grimly is a recent Halloween favorite. I was turned on to his work by seeing his movie Cannibal Flesh Riot at the Spooky Empire convention in Florida about 4 years ago. Not only a skilled filmmaker but Gris is also an amazing illustrator and all around creative powerhouse. What I really enjoy about his work is that he has a classic take on horror but somehow melds it with this contemporary feel. The other aspect of Gris that I really enjoy is the idea of all his creations being under the banner of Gris Grimly and the amount of effort he puts into his products. When I purchased the DVD of Cannibal Flesh Riot at said convention it came in this awesome package that had the DVD a bonus cd with a bunch of horror rock bands doing songs inspired by the film and a newspaper insert about one of the characters in the film. Wonderful stuff here and a perfect entry into your Halloween horror festivities.