Posts from November 2011


I am not by trade a letterer.  I have had to become one in order to get my stories done so approaching lettering from a “has to be done” attitude I think I wasn’t giving it all the attention it needed.  Recently I was asked to letter a friends comic and it being asked to only focus on that part

Cyber Monday Commission Sale!

Today is what has been dubbed Cyber Monday and the internet is abound with sales every where you look.  Aside from all the regular products we offer I am opening up for a limited amount of commissions today.  I have limited space so to get on the list send me an email to with your info. FREE SHIPPING!  9″x12″ Illustration on Bristol

Thanksgiving Thanks!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am this year for all that has happened not only with TLZ but in my life. I have spent another wonderful year with the most amazing girl ever!  She inspires me in so many ways and it is because of her everyday is better than the last.  She gives me the the

TLZ Book 1 For Sale

I know everybody is gearing up for the holidays so it seems like a perfect time to finally be able to make the first collection of Teenage Love Zombies available for sale.  Teenage Love Zombies: Trouble All Around collects the first 42 pages in full color.  I was so excited when I got these in the mail!  It is something