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Granville Lives!

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Not content with just being a 2D manifestation from my brain, this Christmas Granville came bursting into real in the form of the best darn Christmas present I have ever received!  Courtesy of my wonderfully fantastic girlfriend Desirae she commissioned a stuffed version of the character based on my drawings from the comic and kept it a secret until Christmas Eve morning when I opened it!  It brightened my whole life to see such an awesome thoughtful and special gift!  Stuffed Granville will be making the rounds with me at all my convention stops next year and just might be having all sorts of adventures! 


Happy Holidays and Stuff!

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I just wanted to take a minute to wish everybody some Happy Holidays!  After the new year I am going to be posting up  a bunch of blogs about things I have enjoyed throughout 2011. Webcomics, comics, music and movies.  I am not trying to rank anything or say anything is better than something else I just enjoy reading everybody’s year in review articles and I find so much awesome stuff that I have missed out on throughout the year.  That and good stuff should be seen and us webcomics creators like to spread the word about other good comics why not other media that we have enjoyed as well.  TLZ is inspired greatly by all of those mediums listed so it seems fitting.  TLZ never takes a break so we will see you back here again next week!


Sleigh Jack

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I just wanted to give you all a heads up that my buddy Nate Girard has put together a pretty awesome game for smart phones and tablets.  The game is called Sleigh Jack and it is a mischievous adventure game follow a some crooks that steal Santa’s sleigh. Oh and I contributed some art for the game.  For more info on the game check out the website here