Posts from December 2011

Granville Lives!

Not content with just being a 2D manifestation from my brain, this Christmas Granville came bursting into real in the form of the best darn Christmas present I have ever received!  Courtesy of my wonderfully fantastic girlfriend Desirae she commissioned a stuffed version of the character based on my drawings from the comic and kept it a secret until Christmas

Happy Holidays and Stuff!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everybody some Happy Holidays!  After the new year I am going to be posting up  a bunch of blogs about things I have enjoyed throughout 2011. Webcomics, comics, music and movies.  I am not trying to rank anything or say anything is better than something else I just enjoy reading everybody’s year in

Sleigh Jack

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that my buddy Nate Girard has put together a pretty awesome game for smart phones and tablets.  The game is called Sleigh Jack and it is a mischievous adventure game follow a some crooks that steal Santa’s sleigh. Oh and I contributed some art for the game.  For more info on the