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Granville Lives!

Granville Lives! published on 1 Comment on Granville Lives!

Not content with just being a 2D manifestation from my brain, this Christmas Granville came bursting into real in the form of the best darn Christmas present I have ever received!  Courtesy of my wonderfully fantastic girlfriend Desirae she commissioned a stuffed version of the character based on my drawings from the comic and kept it a secret until Christmas Eve morning when I opened it!  It brightened my whole life to see such an awesome thoughtful and special gift!  Stuffed Granville will be making the rounds with me at all my convention stops next year and just might be having all sorts of adventures! 


Police Work…

Police Work… published on 1 Comment on Police Work…

The Sheriff is nothing but ticked off now so much that he is willing to kick down a priests door and slap him around!  Not as the Father O’Shae would hit him back, plus he has been drinking.

I have started some preproduction work on the second part of TLZ which is coming up in about 20 pages and I have been working on some back story with Father O’Shae that I think is pretty interesting and should make him a more integral part of the next chapter.  Stay tuned!