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The Specialists

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This week The Specialists are featuring some art I did of their awesome Golem character.  It was a blast drawing this character as I don’t often get to draw robots or even work in this genre.  If you haven’t checkout Al and Shawn’s awesome webcomic The Specialists check it out over at

Al and Shawn are also part of our webcomics group Webcomic Pioneers.  Check us out over at our Facebook page here.

Upcoming Stories

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I may have mentioned this before but I have been writing the rest of TLZ recently.  Originally TLZ was written as a three part animated series and we are mere weeks away from what would have been the end of part 1.  Since translating TLZ to webcomic format and really being inspired by said format I decided the latter parts needed revising.  Upon revising I decided they needed rewriting.  It took me awhile but I finally have the next parts all plotted out.  Some elements have remained but for the most part it got an overhaul which means new characters, new twists and turns and more zombies.  More to come on this I assure you.

Denver Comic Con’s Second Saturday at Wazee Union

Denver Comic Con’s Second Saturday at Wazee Union published on No Comments on Denver Comic Con’s Second Saturday at Wazee Union

This past Saturday at the Wazee Union station the Denver Comic Con put on a show featuring some of the artists who are going to be showing at the DCC to help get some awareness going for the big show in June.  I was there getting my nerd on, selling some comics and art and having too much free beer.  I think the show was a success as there were non stop people most of the night (it didn’t hurt I was set up right next to the free beer either) and the halls were jammed pack.  Some of the gang from the Webcomic Pioneers showed up to help promote our group and panels we are going to be having at the DCC and I think we got a pretty good response.  Overall, an awesome night and I can’t wait until June!  Here is a link to a photo gallery from the show.


Watch it Burn…

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I was going to make some joke about love burning or something close to that but I thought maybe a scene depicting the burning of the place where a mad scientist and his weird assistant brought true love back from the dead then reanimated his own beloved wife as the flames are burning his soul might require more respect.  A whole hunk of respect.  A hunk, a hunk of burning love.  I can’t help myself.

If you thought that was crazy the next couple of weeks are going to blow your mind.