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Awesome Comics

Awesome Comics published on No Comments on Awesome Comics

I always like to share great comics when I find them regardless of whether they are old news to everybody else and new to me or if they are brand new to the world.

Patrick Hoover’s has relaunched his awesome comic The Outdoorsman as a webcomic and suffice to say it is awesome.  I picked up the collected version a couple years back at a local con was really impressed with it.  It kind of has a Hellboy/BPRD vibe to it but completely different subject matter.  Patrick is a fantastic artist and and great guy. Check out The Outdoorsman at

KING OF THE UNKOWN is awesome.  It could be because of my obsession with Elvis or it could be because it is creative, well drawn and superbly handled.  Again a bit of a BPRD vibe with the “King” working for a secret agency fighting supernatural evils forces.  Jimi Hendrix and even Leonardo Divinci make appearances, the latter in a hilarious and unique way.  It hasn’t been going that long so it is easy to get caught up at

BAND is a new comic from Christine Humiston and Erin Humiston.  It follows the exploits of a band and the drama that make up the band.  Amazingly drawn and wonderfully written it really is something to check out.  The line work alone makes me week in the knees.  There are two issues available so far with a third comic coming out soon.  Get all the news at






Annabelle… published on No Comments on Annabelle…

At long last Vanalstyne makes an attempt to bring his beloved wife back to life.  It seems natural when you are drawing horror comics one might draw a mad scientist bringing people back to life but this is the first time I have shown the whole process.  It is the first time I have actually drawn that crucial moment when the electricity hits the body the the subsequent results.  This panel went through numerous revisions before reaching what is posted now.  I really wanted to save this moment for Annabelle.  Seems like Vanalstyne may be out of the resurrecting the dead business…or is he?

Creator Owned Day

Creator Owned Day published on No Comments on Creator Owned Day

Today is Creator Owned Day celebrating creator owned characters and comics.  In honor of this burgeoning event I will be offering my sketchbook up free of charge for today only.  It is chalk full of creator owned original characters and sketches plus features a preview of me and William Tooker’s new Creephouse Comics book, Never Send a Monster.  Get the sketchbook free here.