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New Contest!!

New Contest!! published on No Comments on New Contest!!

First off I want to give a long overdue congratulations to Ron Root.  He was the winner of the TLZ Facebook contest I help in May.  He won a copy of TLZ #1 and a sketch of anything he would like.   This was the drawing I did for him:


Here is how to enter:

Simply leave a comment on any page or post on  On next weeks post I will pick a random comment and the author will win a copy of TLZ#1 and a drawing of their favorite TLZ character.  That is it!  Good luck and thanks for participating!


Mystery Help….

Mystery Help…. published on 5 Comments on Mystery Help….

Bring on the voodoo!  Our new mystery character will have to remain that way for the time being but rest assured you will be getting more of them in the future.  So now we have mad scientist monsters, the military, an undead madman on the loose and some creepy voodoo zombies to come…

The Graveyard Gang

The Graveyard Gang published on 2 Comments on The Graveyard Gang

I just wanted to take a minute and give you all a heads up on a new webcomic that I have really been getting into recently.  The Graveyard Gang by Rich Clabaugh is an awesome mix of The Little Rascals and horror.  He is only 7 pages into it so far but the story and art are top notch so far.   If you like smart mouthed kids and spooky tales of adventure show Rich some support and check out his comic.


Page 100!

Page 100! published on 6 Comments on Page 100!

We have made it to the 100th page!  100 uninterrupted weeks of Teenage Love Zombies is something I am very proud of and wanted to share with you!  Not only does this page mark 100 pages of continued Teenage Love Zombies but it also marks the halfway point for the story.  Yes indeed the story will eventually draw to an end but don’t worry, there are another 100 pages to go! Wow 100 pages, seemed so daunting 1oo pages ago.  Speaking of 100 pages ago, that also means that the 2 year anniversary of TLZ is coming up soon!  I would like to do something special to mark the occasion like a new wallpaper or shirt or something.  What do you guys think?  Anything in particular you would like to see made out of TLZ?

Al Fukalek and Fausto

Al Fukalek and Fausto published on 1 Comment on Al Fukalek and Fausto

Al Fukalek the artist of the awesome webcomic The Specialists (and Webcomic Pioneers member) sent me his outstanding take on Fausto. When I opened up my email this morning and saw this I squealed. I love seeing different artists take on my characters. Al really knocked this one out of the park. Thank you sir! Make sure you check out The Specialists to see more of his art and to read a really great comic.


Angry Heads…

Angry Heads… published on 8 Comments on Angry Heads…

Father O’Shae is ticked off.  I can hardly blame the guy though.  Now we get some more tidbits about Vanalstyne and O’Shae’s relationship or more accurately past relationship.  I had always wanted there to be some connection between the two and for awhile it was a lot more elaborate and a little crazy.  I changed it drastically for the new rewrite.  I will divulge the nature of that later because even the old version would contain some spoilers.  I really enjoy writing all the character relationships in TLZ and I am glad there is a moment here to help expound on Vanalstyne and O’Shae.  Soon we will learn about Vanalstyne’s relationship with another new character…