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New Interview and Fan Art

New Interview and Fan Art published on No Comments on New Interview and Fan Art

First up this week, my buddy and convention pal Andy Perez dropped me some amazing art he did of greaser bad girl Ruthanne.  I met Andy and his awesome wife last year at the Albuquerquee Comic Expo and was very pleased to run into them again this year at the same show.  Andy is a tremendous talent and an all around awesome dude.  Check out more of his work at

Second up, author extrordinare and blogger Lukas Holmes interviewed me for his blog The People of This World.  I met Lukas last year at the Mile High Horror Film Fest as he was in charge or getting a bunch of really talented local “horror” themed artists to exhibit at the fest and he has been a huge supporter and friend since. You can check out the interview at


Guess What?

Guess What? published on 4 Comments on Guess What?

Oh Vanalstyne, what are you thinking? I love the roller coaster this character has been on. First he might be a villain then there is some redemption as we learn about his motives and now this! And what does Granville mean by they only need one heart? Time will tell my friends but for now it looks like almost all the odds are against Guy and Loraine…

Tis the Season…

Tis the Season… published on No Comments on Tis the Season…

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Fall is one of my favorite time of the year and I always try and do something special in regards to TLZ for the month of October. I have some ideas this year but I wanted to open this up to the readers and see if there is anything in particular you would like to see on TLZ with a seasonal or Halloween spirit to it. For example last year I posted everyday some of my favorite Halloween time indulgences from music, comics and movies as well as made some free cut out masks of a couple characters from the comic. Since then a lot has happened in TLZ such as the characters becoming zombies and the introduction of new characters. Please leave a comment with any thoughts you might have.


Gathering Information…

Gathering Information… published on 4 Comments on Gathering Information…

Every now and then I am trying to slide in some moments with just Guy and Loraine. They haven’t really had a chance to just be together in their budding love since before Loraine died. The few minutes they get together they have Granville around and Vanalstyne or Father O’Shae is busting in on them when I am sure one of the things they want the most is just to be alone together. Speaking of Father O’Shae I have been noticing that while all my characters looks have changed over the past 100 plus pages he has become more cartoony than most. I’m not quite sure how that happened but I have been enjoying how much he has been playing into this story lately.

Two years of Teenage Love Zombies!

Two years of Teenage Love Zombies! published on 4 Comments on Two years of Teenage Love Zombies!

Today’s page marks 2 years of uninterrupted TLZ story. It seems like there has been a lot of little celebrations here and there the past couple weeks (the 100th page, records numbers etc.) but you have to stop and celebrate once in awhile.

Making webcomics is a strange in that way. Every little thing you do seems like a monumental achievement and you want to share it with everybody. 2 years seems like something worth celebrating to me. A lot of web comics do not make it this for with as consistent updates as TLZ and that is something I am very proud of. I want to give a big thanks to everybody who has been along for the ride for the past two years. It means the world to me. Another big thanks to everybody who hopped on somewhere along the way.

There is plenty more TLZ to come! I am halfway through the 3 collection and I am concocting some new extras and specials and don’t forget Halloween right around the corner bwahahahaha. The next 2 years of TLZ is going to be a doozy!



Meanwhile… published on 6 Comments on Meanwhile…

I didn’t forget about these guys. Every time we see them it is more and more ominous. Now that we know that Vanalstyne used to work for the military we can only imagine what he did for them. These blue guys aren’t nearly the skilled scientist Vanalstyne is/was. It seems pretty important he is recovered “alive” but in this story alive is all relative. On a side note, I love these blue guys. I know they are jerks but man are they fun to draw.