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Holiday Season

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We are officially in the holiday season now.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  While we are all looking forward to holiday breaks and spending time with loved ones, rest assured that Teenage Love Zombies will be on schedule through out the holidays and all the way until it ends.  118 weeks without missing a week!  Here is to you and yours this Holiday season from Teenage Love Zombies!


Halloween Sketch Book Round Up

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In October I started a sketchbook to be won as a prize for one of the contests I was running on the site here.  Every day of Halloween I drew an original Halloween/horror inspired character.  Some days I drew more, somedays just one but everyday I added a new character.  When I got to the end of the month I had a couple blank pages so I threw in some of my favorite movie monsters.  This was a great experience and really forced me to think creatively everyday of October.  While I work on comics and art related stuff everyday usually, it is not always creative (web site maintenance,  promotion, production etc.) and it was fun to flex that muscle more.


This and That…

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I hate to say it but things are slowing down news wise around here.  It is that time of the year I suppose.  Never fear though, Teenage Love Zombies is still going strong it is just in a weird zone in between the next collection and con season.

However, kind of Teenage Love Zombies related.  Last week I went to a zombie town hall meeting where the guests were none other than George Romero and Max Brooks.  For two hours they talked about zombies.  It was awesome!  George Romero is one of my greatest inspirations and to finally be able to see him was completely amazing!  Max Brooks is no slouch either.  What a wonderful event I was so glad to have been able to attend!