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FREAKED! published on No Comments on FREAKED!

This is one of those movies that I think is so rad that I just assume everybody has seen it but over the years as I have talked about it to people I’ve discovered not many people have seen it or even heard of it and that my friends, is a crying shame.

Freaked was written and directed by Alex Winter of Bill and Ted fame and came out in that crazy time period of the 90’s.  I don’t recall if it had much of a theatrical release as I only remember watching it on HBO when I would stay home sick from school.  It always seemed to be on and made whatever illness I had seem worth contracting.

What is this movie about?  Well I could explain it but it wouldn’t do the film any justice.  Alex Winter plays Ricky Coogan, a famous movie star who is contracted to rep a possibly dangerous pharmaceutical product.  He is sent down to South America to check it out and ends up failing victim to Randy Quads self made freak show roadside attraction.

There in lies the genius of this movie. The freak show.  Not to say the movie isn’t hysterical before the freak show arrives but here we are introduced to Randy Quad’s amazing Elijah C. Skuggs and a whole motley crew of freaks including Mr. T playing a bearded lady, Bobcat Goldthwait as a human sock puppet and Keanu Reeves starring uncredited as Ortiz the Dog Boy.  I don’t want to give much away if you haven’t seen this movie because it’s a spectacle to behold for the first time.

This movie cries out to be played at midnight screenings and it boggles my mind that there hasn’t be a shirt on one of those shirt a day websites of this.  Get with it people and see Freaked!