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Halloween Day 6: The Creepshow

Halloween Day 6: The Creepshow published on No Comments on Halloween Day 6: The Creepshow

One of the main influences on TLZ is Psychobilly/Rockabilly music. Pyschobilly is the melding of Rockabilly music with punk and most purveyors add a horror element to the mix. I am not sure why the blending of these elements seems to work so well but once you hear it it is almost impossible to separate again. One of my favorite bands of this genre and one I was listening to mostly when I was transitioning TLZ from animation to comic form was The Creepshow. While their newer album kind of veered from horror their first two are firmly rooted in almost a comical take on the spooky. They have an awesome retro horror vibe and look about them and it was very influential while developing a visual update to the characters and theme of TLZ.

Halloween Day 5: The Goon

Halloween Day 5: The Goon published on No Comments on Halloween Day 5: The Goon

The Goon is my kind of comic. Chalk full of zombies, monsters, cannibal hobos, communist airborne mollusks, fish men and some of the best dialog in comics, The Goon is a delightful horror treat any time of year but especially around Halloween. The Goon is masterfully drawn by Eric Powell and written so wonderfully that it can go from being one of the funniest comics out there to the most heartfelt and saddening comic on the shelf in the same issue. The Goon is not only what horror comics should be but what comics in general should be.

Halloween Masks and the Mile High Horror Film Fest!

Halloween Masks and the Mile High Horror Film Fest! published on No Comments on Halloween Masks and the Mile High Horror Film Fest!

With the Halloween season upon us you may already be thinking of what to wear this Halloween. Well lucky for you I have a solution! Now available free as charge in the downloads section are two brand new Teenage Love Zombies Halloween masks! You can choose from either the zombie from Vanalstynes lab or the undead pumpkin. Just click on the one you want below and follow the instructions and you are ready for Halloween!



Also this weekend me and some other talented local artists will be setting up shop at the Mile High Horror Film Festival. We will be selling some ghoulish delights, doing sketches and scaring children so if you are in the Denver area come on down, see some awesome indy horror movies and get yourself some horror art!

Halloween Day 4: Wolves in the Throne Room

Halloween Day 4: Wolves in the Throne Room published on No Comments on Halloween Day 4: Wolves in the Throne Room

This is a somewhat new seasonal favorite of mine and they have been rapidly growing into one of my favorite bands. While they are not keeping with the horror trend I have set up here, Wolves music is generally about about our relationship with nature and the fall and Halloween season makes that more obvious. Their music is rooted in black metal though I am sure they wouldn’t classify themselves as such. The music is atmospheric, encompassing and mythic and the perfect sound track to have on with a window cracked a little to let the chilled autumn air in.

Halloween Day 3: Blitzkid

Halloween Day 3: Blitzkid published on No Comments on Halloween Day 3: Blitzkid

Blitzkid are very much in the same vein as The Misfits. The play a poppy breed of horror punk suited for the Halloween season. After The Misfits broke up for the 3rd or 4th time and were left an empty shell of what they once were, Blitzkid filled that hole in my heart. Using two lead singers with distinct voices and writing catchy songs Blitzkid have taken the reigns of horror punk and ran with it. Their newest album Apparitional, may be their best one yet and again finds Blitzkid doing what they do best, playing some catchy as all get out horror punk rock.

Halloween Day 2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

Halloween Day 2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 published on No Comments on Halloween Day 2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

We can all agree that the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a masterpiece of filmmaking and I movie I love dearly but for me, the one that I like better and a staple of my Halloween season is Part 2. For those of you who may not have seen it, Part 2 is a drastic departure from part 1. Sure some of the characters are maintained but it is tonally and visually a completely different movie. This is why I am so fond of this movie. Tobe Hooper knew he couldn’t out do the first one or even attempt to recapture the magic so he just went down another road altogether. It is almost a slapstick comedy full of over the top characters and one of the oddest “romantic” scenes ever. Not to mention, a chainsaw show down.

Dennis Hopper is at his insane best playing a Texas cop trying to track down the killers of his nephew Franklin while enlisting the help of a local radio DJ who accidentally recorded one of the families killings during her program. Added to the family this time around is Bill Mosely playing the wonderfully deranged Chop Top, the sufferer of a massive head injury in the war, who hasn’t quite let it heal and has a penchant for rock and roll.

Leatherface switches actors this time around and masks and dons a black suit and tie, a look I think is more insane than his classic butcher smock and helps make the whole proceeding just that much more ridiculous.

So if you are looking for a bit of insanity and humor this Halloween season, check out Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, but do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen the first one and watch it first.