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Halloween Day 1: The Misfits

Halloween Day 1: The Misfits published on No Comments on Halloween Day 1: The Misfits

Day 1 of Halloween fun at Teenage Love Zombies starts off with a bang.  In my mind, you can’t have Halloween without the Misfits.  The legendary horror punk originators that spawned countless classic songs and launched Danzig.  If you aren’t familiar with the Misfits I suggest you buy everything they have ever done right this second and take a day and listen to it all on repeat.  I can’t think of a single bigger influence on Teenage Love Zombies and my work than the Misfits. Here is there classic song Halloween:

Their classic years ended in the 80’s but they reemerged minus Glenn Danzing in the 90’s with new lead singer Michale Graves. This is where the fan base is torn but for me this generation of the Misfits is almost as great as the Danzig era. The new Misfits wrote some wonderfully catchy songs and gave birth to an entire new generation of horror punk bands that have come close to the greatness of the Misfits but not quite. Here is one of my favorite songs from the Graves era Misfits and the video is even directed by the master George Romero:

The Misfits are still pushing on these days albeit with only one remaining member left, Jerry Only. While the current incarnation doesn’t even hold a candle to the classic stuff it still has it place in their catalog. I think of the Misfits nowadays as a Batman or Superman comic. They will always be there and I find that comforting in some way.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun! published on No Comments on Halloween Fun!

Halloween is my favorite time of year.  The weather cools down, the leaves are changing and there is a distinct smell in the air that things are changing and Halloween is soon approaching.  There are horror movies on all the time and ghoulish treats and costumes in all the stores.

Halloween is a special time for TLZ and this year I will be celebrating the season every day on the blog.  Every day in October I will be posting some of my all time favorite horror related media from music, comics, films and books plus a couple new favorites.  So if you are looking for some horror goodness this season check out the website for the things that get me in the spirit for Halloween.


In next weeks update I will have a special Halloween treat for all you dear readers.

Happy Halloween!

First Book Cover

First Book Cover published on No Comments on First Book Cover

I have finished production on the first book collecting the first 42 pages of TLZ and sent it off to some printers to check out some proofs. I am hoping to have copies available in November so I thought I would give you the first look at the cover. It took a while to complete because I was really striving for a theme and a layout that I could reuse for all the collections and just change the colors and cover drawing. I really enjoy products that keep some sort of consistency in their product design and you can look at say just the spine and know what book it is. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the cover whether you love it or hate it.

My New Sketchbook Available Now!

My New Sketchbook Available Now! published on No Comments on My New Sketchbook Available Now!

My new sketchbook, Leftovers is now available! Inside there are all sorts of fun sketches and drawings including creator owned characters, inspirations and some TLZ. Also included is a 8 page preview of Creephouse Comics new book Never Send a Monster with a three page sketch section! Plus all sketchbooks ordered will get a one of a kind sketch of anything you would like on the inside cover for free! Leftovers is available here in the store now!

More Fan Art!

More Fan Art! published on No Comments on More Fan Art!

If you haven’t stopped by the fan art section please swing on by there and check out the awesome artwork that is coming in. It is truly awesome to see so many people putting pen (or pencil) to paper (or curser to screen) and taking the time to create my characters in their vision. Keep em coming! You can send your fan art to!

Some New Interviews…

Some New Interviews… published on No Comments on Some New Interviews…

This past week I was asked to do a couple of interviews. I am always a little nervous doing these because I never think I come across they way I sound in my head. However I do enjoy doing them especially the questions you never think you will get asked.

First up I did an interview for They are primarily a film site but were kind enough to interview me. We talk about all sorts of topics. There are a couple teasers in there for future TLZ story lines.

Second my buddy Matt Campbell has been doing a weekly feature on his site about indy creators and this week he featured me and my work. Matt is an awesome guy and a fantastic artist. Check out the interview and be sure to check out the rest of his site, you won’t regret it.