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Halloween Draws Closer…

September is officially here and that means Halloween is drawing closer.  I am deep in preparation for the season and TLZ will not be excluded.  As I mentioned before this will be the last Halloween season for TLZ so I am going all out for it.  The contests will be back as well as new content plus we will be

Share the Teenage Zombie Love…

I just wanted to take a second and ask a favor of you dear readers.  I know I know but I don’t ask often and I sure could use the help.  If you have been enjoying Teenage Love Zombies over the past couple years or are a new reader I ask that you please share with the world.  Facebook, Twitter,

Archive Updated

For some reason the archive stopped in October of 2012.  All the pages were there if you clicked back or forward but in the actual archive page they were missing.  Hmmmm… Well I set out to find out why tonight and I fixed it.  Now all of TLZ is available in the archive for those of you playing catch up!