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I Sell the Dead

I can’t help but think of that Alice Cooper song I Love the Dead when I see this title.  This movie and Alice’s song really have nothing to do with each other (except the dead) but that’s just my nerdy brain at work. I Sell the Dead went way to far under the radar for such a cool little movie.


I’m not sure how common this knowledge is but Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and guess what, he writes too.  I’m sure the name change was to help him get his work published on it’s own merits rather than his fathers acclaim but if you have seen a picture of him, he is the spitting image of

The Halloween Contest is Underway!

The TLZ Halloween contest is underway.  If you haven’t entered yet what are you waiting for?  You could win all sorts of TLZ goodies plus you could be a zombie in an upcoming page of TLZ.  Just head on over here and tell me what your favorite horror movie is and why.  Nice and easy!  Also check out the Facebook


This is one of those movies that I think is so rad that I just assume everybody has seen it but over the years as I have talked about it to people I’ve discovered not many people have seen it or even heard of it and that my friends, is a crying shame. Freaked was written and directed by Alex