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Creephouse Comics Jams

Creephouse Comics Jams published on No Comments on Creephouse Comics Jams

Every Friday over at Creephouse Comics I post my weekly play lists.  It’s mostly metal and extreme metal centric but if you lean towards that style of music or are just looking for some new music the check out give it a look.  I listen to a lot of music during the week and I post it all for you the reader to search through.  I post mini reviews of the most notable albums I listen to during the week.  Music can soothe the most savage beast.

TLZ #3 Available Now

TLZ #3 Available Now published on No Comments on TLZ #3 Available Now


The third collection of Teenage Love Zombies is now available in the Creephouse Comics store.  It can be had in digital format (PDF and CBZ) for just $1 or the limited printed version for $6.99!  If you only read TLZ in collected forms this one introduces a whole slew of new characters and takes a crazy turn for our doomed lovers.

If you are following along with the weekly pages, we are now almost nearing what would be the end of the 4th collection.

It’s rainy and cold out and Fall is coming!  I can’t wait!

Halloween Draws Closer…

Halloween Draws Closer… published on No Comments on Halloween Draws Closer…

September is officially here and that means Halloween is drawing closer.  I am deep in preparation for the season and TLZ will not be excluded.  As I mentioned before this will be the last Halloween season for TLZ so I am going all out for it.  The contests will be back as well as new content plus we will be having some Halloween fun!  Stay tuned for details.

Until Next Week!