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Tarot Love Zombies…

Just incase you didn’t know, I am part the Timberline Draw Blog.  It is a group of Colorado based artists that pick a new topic every week and set to drawing their take on it.  Last week our topic was Tarot Cards.  I took the Love Tarot and added a TLZ spin to it.  Here is the result. Swing by

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day TLZ fans.  Looking for a last minute gift idea for your special somebody?  Well, we here at TLZ have you covered.  Just print out these Teenage Love Zombies missives of love and share with the one you care about and your Valentines Day is sure to be a hit. Simply click the image above to get the

Winter Time

While it may not feel like winter here in Denver, we are not above the calendar and the calendar says it is winter.  So, with that in mind the site got a bit of an upgrade as I am sure you noticed AND some new wallpapers!   Just go to the extras>wallpaper or click here and pick the size you want!  We