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Zombie Roomie

Zombie Roomie published on 1 Comment on Zombie Roomie

One of the wonderful things about web comics is that there are so many out there, varying in so many styles and tones.  I recently stumbled onto Zombie Roomie by John Wigger and was really surprised that I had missed this one.  This web comic updates three times a week (mon, wed and fri) and follows John who has roomed with a zombie named George and deals with all the goofiness one would expect from that situation.  What I really enjoy about this comic is first of all the art.  John has a great look to his characters that makes them immediately recognizable and handles their expression amazingly, something that is very important in a four panel strip.  Second is that while George is a zombie he retains a lot of a normal humans characteristics, something that readers of TLZ may be used to.

There are a slew of other characters like a vampire and a werewolf and one I particularly enjoy Jamal the creature from the lagoon who has a fish bowl on his head.

The art is great, the characters are awesome and there are tons of archived strips to dig into so check out Zombie Roomie!