Heart Attack

I know the title is silly but I couldn’t refuse.  It looks like we will be saying farewell to Lance.  He sure did cause a lot of problems around here and he will be missed.  Oh wait no he won’t!

If you are curious as to how I make this here comic well you are in luck this week. I made a video showing the TLZ process. I hope you enjoy it!:

  • Arrakis

    Looks like Loraine’s reanimate on wasn’t as perfect as everyone thought, she’s looking a tad green right now. Not sure if she’s uber violent like Faust though because Lance really was a prick.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kgentilcore Kevin Gentilcore

      I think it is safe to Lance kinda got what he deserved :) As far as Loraine goes, well that is coming up soon…