I didn’t forget about these guys. Every time we see them it is more and more ominous. Now that we know that Vanalstyne used to work for the military we can only imagine what he did for them. These blue guys aren’t nearly the skilled scientist Vanalstyne is/was. It seems pretty important he is recovered “alive” but in this story alive is all relative. On a side note, I love these blue guys. I know they are jerks but man are they fun to draw.

  • Arrakis

    The fact that there are high ranking military personnel in the tent with no protection makes the blue guys suits a bit silly, no one expects them to be needed but they wear them anyway. Unless they’re the result of Vanalstyne working with the military and it’s to keep stuff in rather than out.
    Great page as always!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      I really wanted to have a horde of military figures that didn’t look like regular soldiers maybe to imply this is a special unit or something out of the ordinary. The General would never directly touch or handle any of these monsters so he have no need to wear one. I thought maybe the suits were kind of a “better safe than sorry” kind of deal for the soldiers, mostly I just wanted a cool visual lol. Thanks again!

      • Arrakis

        They definetly fit the “cool visual” category. The “better safe than sorry” approach to dealing with zombies is also something that I sympathize with, no need for anoth “Bub the zombie” fiasco.

  • RIch Clabaugh

    Kevin nice page today! LOVE the zombie! And those guys in the blue suits are creepy in their own way, well done! I can’t wait to see where this is all going!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thanks Rich! Things just aren’t going that zombies way in this story lol. His future isn’t looking to bright either.

  • Dyl Kloepfer

    Totally awesome.