Next Chapter

This page marks the first page of the new rewritten script for TLZ.  As I mentioned before TLZ was written as a three part animated script.  When I turned it into a webcomic I only broke apart the first script which was the previous 80 something pages.  Well I wasn’t happy with how the rest of the story went originally so I spent the past few months retooling it and this page marks the first page of that retooling.  I swear next week there will be no more talk about the original scripts as we head into the next part of TLZ.

  • Arrakis

    I had forgotten that Faust’s eyes were a different colour…
    I wonder why he hasn’t found something to attempt to keep his head in place.

    • Anonymous

      He really hasn’t had much time to go looking yet but don’t worry, that will be addressed shortly.