Old People…

I think this is the first time Vanalstyne and O’Shae have been alone together and of course what happens?  They start to fight.  Vanalstyne’s just seething with animosity towards O’Shae.  I was excited to do this page because it did get those two alone together.  That seems to be the theme of the past couple weeks.  Well exposition is what it really is :)   There are some great characters coming up soon I can’t wait for you all to meet them!

  • Arrakis

    So they don’t trust adults, but they’ll trust the undead…This should be interesting!
    Vanalstynes pouty face in the middle panel is amazing, by the way.

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      To be fair these new greasers don’t yet know Guy is a zombie, but I like to think they might be more accepting lol. Thanks again!

  • http://twitter.com/Graveyard_Gang Rich Clabaugh

    Nice Kevin! Man, is Vanalstyne driven! I love his expression in the 3rd panel! Looking forward to meeting some ‘Greasers’!

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      Vanalstyne is beyond driven lol. Just a couple weeks and there will be more greasers than you can shake a stick at!