Page 100!

We have made it to the 100th page!  100 uninterrupted weeks of Teenage Love Zombies is something I am very proud of and wanted to share with you!  Not only does this page mark 100 pages of continued Teenage Love Zombies but it also marks the halfway point for the story.  Yes indeed the story will eventually draw to an end but don’t worry, there are another 100 pages to go! Wow 100 pages, seemed so daunting 1oo pages ago.  Speaking of 100 pages ago, that also means that the 2 year anniversary of TLZ is coming up soon!  I would like to do something special to mark the occasion like a new wallpaper or shirt or something.  What do you guys think?  Anything in particular you would like to see made out of TLZ?

  • RIch Clabaugh

    Congratulations Kevin! That’s quite the milestone! I’m curious to see who Vanalstyne is alluding to! Also I love the top right panel, great expression! Looking forward to the next 100 pages!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thank you Rich! Come back next week for a little more info on his mystery helper…

  • Arrakis

    Congrats on the big One Oh Oh!
    Vanalstyne seems to have a lot of people that he knows but would rather not see running around, doesn’t he. On another note, how “temporary” is temporary? It has to be long enough that he would consider using it on his wife…unless he could redo the process on her body repeatedly if he his lab didn’t get destroyed >_>

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Vanalstyne spent a long time traveling the world studying and learning and trying to piece together his process. He never considered his lab burning to the ground but as we will learn soon that really isn’t an issue for him…

      • Kevin Gentilcore

        And thank you!

  • Desirae

    t shirt!