And there we have it.  Teenage…Love…ZOMBIES!  All three things promised in the title now on display!  This is a major page for me because as I mentioned before TLZ was written as three animation scripts and this page represents that last page of the first script I wrote 8 years.  This also marks the last page of what will be the second volume of the printed book.  More info on that coming soon.

I really want to say thank you to everybody who has been checking this comic out for the past year and a half.  Thank you to everybody who has, commented, shared, downloaded and supported TLZ.  There is plenty more to come!

  • Dyl Kloepfer

    A year and a half just to get things started up, that’s commitment!

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      Yeah but as you see, it gets revved up full gear after this lol.

      • Dyl Kloepfer

        Definitely, plus I love this big moment.