That’s Better…

Happy Halloween folks!  This is the last page of the Halloween season.  Fausto has a new look and a plan as we head into the next part of this story.  Next week Fausto gets a surprise drop in!

LAST HALLOWEEN CONTEST!  This is last page of the month so I am going to do one more contest.  Same as before.  Head over to the Facebook Page and share this weeks new page.  Everybody who does will be entered for a chance to win a custom sketch from me.  That is right a 8.5×11 inch original art piece!  Winner picks the subject.  I will randomly pick from everybody who shares the page and post the winner on the Facebook page Thursday.

Happy Halloween!

  • Arrakis

    It’s the mummy coming to take its look back!
    He seems pretty talented in the way of self maintenance but I wonder how it would hold up to something hitting his face, like a fist.

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Ha, I don’t know if it is talent or just desperation. Funny you should mention that though…

  • Rich Clabaugh

    Loving the new look! I hope he doesn’t become unwrapped!! Can’t wait to see who’s going to ‘drop’ in!