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The Creephouse Kickstarter is Live!

The Creephouse Kickstarter is Live! published on No Comments on The Creephouse Kickstarter is Live!

Our first Kickstarter campaign is live now! We’re looking to get two graphic novels printed and we need your help. First up is the printed, collected edition ofTeenage Love Zombies. It collects the entire Teenage Love Zombies comic that original appeared weekly online from 2010 until this summer. It’s 200 pages of rock n’ roll horror goodness.

The second is our newest graphic novel Never Send a Monster. Never Send a Monster is an anthology of three connected stories having to do with obsession and thievery… and monsters! It clocks in at 120 pages.

Both are in full color, done and ready to go. We just need some cash to print these comics up. We’ve got some awesome rewards for backers of the campaign including original art, exclusive art prints and of course, both books. Please check out our campaign here and get some awesome new books and please, share it with everybody you know.

The Creephouse Kickstarter

Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt

Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt published on No Comments on Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt, at least the TV show probably makes up a good majority of my earlier horror memories. I have very specific memories of sneaking to watch it on HBO after my father had sent us to bed so he could watch Elvira alone. WHat struck me as a child about it was of course the over the top violence but also the sense of humor about it. I had never seen something so violent and horrific played for laughs. That and who could forget the Crypt Keeper.

When I got older I discovered the source material, the comics. A lot of those stories were told on the show but what these had was the artwork. The amazing artwork by some of the greatest artists to ever touch a comic page. Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Al Williamson and even Wally Wood. For my money, comics don’t get much better than the old EC series.

I have been picking up the dvds and collections of the comics over the years and I am always surprised by how cheaply I get them. These are treasures! Again, if you haven’t, watch some Tales From The Crypt, or read some of the comics boils and ghouls.