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The Haunter #1

The Haunter #1 published on No Comments on The Haunter #1

As you know by now, Teenage Love Zombies is coming to an end in a short while. While TLZ is coming to an end, I hope you’ll join me for my new comic series The Haunter. The first issue is now for sale!


You can swing by the the Creephouse Comics store and pick up a print or digital copy of the first issue. The party doesn’t stop when TLZ ends.

The Haunter…

The Haunter… published on No Comments on The Haunter…


You may or may not know but TLZ will be coming to it’s end next summer.  With that in mind I have set out on my next creator owned project The Haunter.  While The Haunter is still in the development phase a couple months ago I started a new blog with the idea of documenting the comic from idea through completion.  You can follow the blog at

Don’t worry TLZers, there is still plenty of awesome TLZ story to go and we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet…