Guy and Loraine…

The Zombie Queen’s magic worked! Guy and Loraine are back to their old selves again!

The question remains, what will they do now?

Find out next week in the conclusion of Teenage Love Zombies!

The Haunter #1 Digital Comic for Free!

There’s only two more weeks left for Teenage Love Zombies but I’m not done making funny books. Creephouse Comics is going strong and we’ll we have a couple new books on the way this year alone. First up is my new comic The Haunter. It’s about a town called Darkport that is inhabited by monsters, zombies, ghouls, vampires, mummies and humans. Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan and The Haunter is there to make sure they do. If that sounds interesting how would you like a free copy of issue #1? All you have to do is sign up for the Creephouse Comics newsletter and a free digital copy will be mailed right to you!

How does that sound? Just click here to sign up and enjoy the free comic!

The Haunter #1

As you know by now, Teenage Love Zombies is coming to an end in a short while. While TLZ is coming to an end, I hope you’ll join me for my new comic series The Haunter. The first issue is now for sale!


You can swing by the the Creephouse Comics store and pick up a print or digital copy of the first issue. The party doesn’t stop when TLZ ends.

Denver Comic Con This Weekend!

If you are going to be in the the Denver area this weekend, swing on by the Denver Comic Con and the Creephouse Comics table and say hello. We’ll have two brand two books, some new prints, and whimsy. If you need to know where we are, I made this handy to use map of the convention floor. Well, I didn’t make the map part.


I hope too see you there!

New TLZ Print!

Denver Comic Con is right around the corner and I’m preparing with some new books and some new art. Teenage Love Zombies is going to be representing with a brand new print!


These will be available in the store after DCC.

Also, we are 10 weeks from the finale of TLZ. I can hardly believe it!

Oh Wow…

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last update. Things have been a bit hectic as I’ve been preparing not one but three new books! Creephouse Comics is going to have a banner year for releases, but more on that later.

As you know, Teenage Love Zombies is destined to end. That end will happen sometime in July, I’ll post the exact date when it’s closer. TLZ has been going on near four years now. It was always written to end and I can’t believe it’s so close to over. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for everybody who stopped by to check out the comic, share it, write about it, contribute fan art or just say you’re doing a good job. We still have a couple month of TLZ goodness left but if you’ve liked the comic I hope you will check out the new books coming out soon.

First up is my new comic series The Haunter. It won’t be a webcomic but a traditional print and digital single issue comic series. The first issue will be available in June. I made a blog documenting the entire process and development of the first issue. Check out for all the fun.

Secondly, you may also know that TLZ lives under the umbrella of Creephouse Comics, my publishing company with writer extraordinaire William Tooker. While he didn’t write TLZ or The Haunter we do have a couple new books coming out very soon. First up will be the collected anthology Never Send a Monster featuring three tales of all ages horror fun. The next will be Krush McNulty and the Siren Planet, our love letter to pulp sci-fi. Krush will be the first digital only comic from Creephouse. Never Send a Monster will be available in June and Krush will follow later in the summer. For all the details please check out

I thoroughly hope you enjoy the rest of Teenage Love Zombies and that you come along for the ride after. It means the world to us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Never let it be said that we here at Teenage Love Zombies are not the romantic type. In fact we are so romantic we want to spread the love to all of our fans. If you’re looking for that something special or just plum forgot we have you covered. TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS:


Just click the image above to get the hi res version, print and give to your special Valentine! Zombification not guaranteed.