This is no ordinary zombie tale.  TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES is the story of love, loss, betrayal, rock n roll and of course, zombies.  The story follows Guy, a typical teenager in the 50′s and his burgeoning crush on the popular high school girl.  It just so happens that something else is happening in town…


TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES started its life while I was in college. It was inspired by a few of my major loves, horror movies, horror music, rockabilly/psychobilly music and 1950′s greaser culture. Originally it was intended to be a 3D animated full length musical. A tad bit ambitious for a college student.

After writing the script it came out to be about 45 minutes in length so it then took the form a Flash animated musical. We recorded the dialogue and set to work on the musical numbers. Given my life at the time, I couldn’t commit to writing and scoring and animating a 45 minute feature so I axed the musical aspect.

Here is the trailer I produced while it was still a musical:

Minus the musical numbers I had to flesh out the story a bit more as I intended to do most of the character development through song. It also developed into a trilogy so now I was planning on doing THREE 45 minute Flash animated features. TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES was designed to be self contained so if I couldn’t get to the 2nd and 3rd part the story could still be enjoyed without wondering what happens next. Some actors came and went and I switched composers and spent a month with him in Iowa working on getting a trailer together to show around. This is the trailer we produced which showed at the 2007 Spooky Empire Film Fest:

Teenage Love Zombies
And so it sat while I worked on other more pressing projects. I have always loved this story and I have to get it out in some form. I had been doing some comic work the past couple years and decided that in my free time I was going to work on putting TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES into comic form. I love comics and I think the story translates well and this way I since I am the only one working on it, nobody is waiting on me, except myself.

So that is the history of this crazy thing.


Kevin works and lives in Boulder CO as an Interactive Digital Artist for an advertising company.  He has worked as an illustrator and designer for the better part of the past 6 years and his contributed his skills to comics, films, animation, video games, trading cards and various other projects.

In his free time Kevin spends his sleeping hours working on his first webcomic TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES and nurturing the other little seedlings of ideas running around his brain.

Kevin has recently published two comics with William Tooker as part of there Creephouse Comics imprint.  He is hard a work on their 3rd entry.

For more of Kevin’s work swing on over to his DeviantArt page or kevingentilcore.com