How About That Guy?

Our gang is stuck in quite the pickle.  Zombies on the outside.  Zombies on the inside, though they are less feisty.  Only if they had some sort of plan or help… Next week, who is that guy?

Thank You Doctor!

It seems Facebook doesn’t like when I run contests on their service so for the rest of October I will be holding the weekly Facebook contests right here.   Simply hit that Facebook like button at the bottom of this post and be entered to win a custom Personal Sketch Card.  That’s right, one randomly… Continue reading Thank You Doctor!

The Zombie Queen!

Say hello to the Zombie Queen!  She looks pretty serious. This character was one of the first I ever drew for this series.  I really wanted to incorporate in some capacity the voodoo aspect of zombies, I just didn’t know how to get there at the time.  Like most of the characters in TLZ she… Continue reading The Zombie Queen!

Good Luck Ya’ll…

I am not sure what the gang expected of find here but they can’t be to surprised that there are more zombies, right?  I guess Vanalstyne left that part out. Next week, who else is behind that gate…