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I Remember Halloween…

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This weekend is my favorite holiday and I am in full on Halloween mode. What that means is horror movies every night and a constant flow of The Misfits blaring out of my speakers.

I remember my first time ever hearing of the Misfits. It was in a Marvel comic in the 90’s and in the back they had an ad for a Venom comic. In the add were the lyrics to Brain Eaters. I had to track down this band and hear this! The first Misfits record I bought was from a used cd store. It was the second collection and the cover with the brown Crimson Ghost on the front was all I needed to see to know I was going to love this even before I heard it. I read the liner notes and was surprised to find out that Glen Danzig who I knew from Mother was the lead singer of this band. The rest was history. I loved every second of that cd and tracked down ever cd I could of theirs. I wore a Misfits shirt almost everyday from then on, painted them all over my leather coat and even got the Crimson Ghost as my first tattoo. I have seen them numerous times live with Michael Graves as I am to young to have seen them in their prime but the couple of times I have seen Danzig and he plays a Misfits tune it almost seems like it for me. I love both incarnations of the band and I bet I could sing every single song from heart.



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I just moved back to Denver and while at Walmart getting stuff for the apartment I found a ton of cheap horror dvds. Nothing rings in the season like bad horror movies and Return of the Living Dead 3 and ROTLD Necropolis fit that bill. So if you are in the mood and need the fix Walmart has a ton of horror movies and horror dvd collections for 5 bucks!



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We are officially into October and it is finally starting to feel like fall here in Colorado. I may have mentioned before this is my favorite time of year. In preparation for Halloween I usually fill up my month of October watching horror movies I have seen numerous times but usually I watch ones that get me in the spirit of Halloween. The other night I picked up Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Meyers. This isn’t the best of the series but it is silly Halloween fun. The addition of the cult is a bit odd. It is the last to follow the storyline set up in part 4 and I think a decent movie for the 6th installment of a series. Definitely gets me in the mood for Halloween!