Posts from July 2011

C3 This Weekend!

THis weekend I will be appearing at Colorado Cutthroat Connection. They will be playing video games all day here and featuring some great local artists. I will have prints, books and sketches for sale and I will be taking commissions all day. We will be having some fun so come on down if you are in the neighborhood and say

Black Alpha

The awesome Tom Rasch just launched a blog for his IP animated web series Black Alpha. Swing on by and check out the trailer, some dev features and the oh so sweet maquette. You can find all this stuff over at or hit the link in the Links section.

ACE Interview

A couple weeks ago I was down in Albuquerque for the first annual Albuquerque Comic Expo. An awesome couple came by the table and interviewed me for the website Young & Free New Mexico. You can see part of my interview in this video as well as my Bigfoot entrance right through Robert Elrod’s interview.

Commission Info

Not many people know but I am always available and open for doing commissions.  I get commission requests quite often and I figured the best thing to do is post a page advertising my availability with all the options I offer. I love doing commissions. I have been asked to do all sorts of fun and interesting pieces. I will