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Denver ComicFest 2012 Wrap Up

Denver ComicFest 2012 Wrap Up published on No Comments on Denver ComicFest 2012 Wrap Up

Denver ComicFest was awesome this year!  Every year it has been getting better and better.  I sold out of all of my Monster Mug postcard prints and almost sold out all of my TLZ books.  The Webcomic Pioneers panel went really well and was a good precursor for our more in depth panels at Denver Comic Con.  A huge thanks to everybody who came out and supported the show and my self.  Another huge thanks to everybody at ComicFest for putting on another stellar show.







And there we have it.  Teenage…Love…ZOMBIES!  All three things promised in the title now on display!  This is a major page for me because as I mentioned before TLZ was written as three animation scripts and this page represents that last page of the first script I wrote 8 years.  This also marks the last page of what will be the second volume of the printed book.  More info on that coming soon.

I really want to say thank you to everybody who has been checking this comic out for the past year and a half.  Thank you to everybody who has, commented, shared, downloaded and supported TLZ.  There is plenty more to come!

Denver ComicFest This Weekend!

Denver ComicFest This Weekend! published on No Comments on Denver ComicFest This Weekend!

It is time again for the annual Denver ComicFest!  I will be sitting in artist alley all weekend loaded to the brim with Creephouse Comics and Teenage Love Zombies goodies including books, prints, buttons and original art!  I will also be doing $10 pencil and ink commissions all weekend!  This event is always a good time and we get our comic on like nobodies business.

As well as being in artist alley I will be part of the Webcomic Pioneers panel.  The panel will consist of members of the Webcomic Pioners talking about making webcomics from our station a mile high.  We will probably open it up to flow like a discussion letting the audience ask us what they really want to know about webcomics.  It promises to be an informative and awesome time.  The panel gets going at 11:00 am this Saturday in the Avengers Assembly Hall.  How cool is that?

On top of that  I will be doing a live drawing demonstration at 3:00 pm in the Bristlecone room.  Come by and check it out I may have a give away…

For all the info on ComicFest follow the link here.  See you this weekend!


Teenage Something Zombies…

Teenage Something Zombies… published on 2 Comments on Teenage Something Zombies…

Well looks like the corpse is out of the coffin.  It has been a long time coming and a secret I have been trying to keep under wraps for a long time.  I never wanted to show any images that would have shown these two as zombies.  Now you see who the title refers to and I am so excited to have this finally out!

Timberline Draw Blog

Timberline Draw Blog published on No Comments on Timberline Draw Blog

Recently I joined the blog Timberline: The Draw Blog One Mile Above Sea Level.  It is a collection of Colorado artists drawing on a different theme every week.  We just finished up our first topic of Killer Clowns and are moving onto Six Armed Alien Chef.  I am truly honored to be part of such and awesome group and we look to be having a lot of fun.  Check it out at!


Bloody Kisses…

Bloody Kisses… published on No Comments on Bloody Kisses…

I just can’t resist those cheesy puns!  That is also an awesome Type O Negative album as well.  Anyway check out what is going on on this page this week.  This one was a hard one having to kill off a main character while his love interest watches.  It has been a blood bath around here!