Posts from January 2013

Hard at Work…

While there may not be much to show as of late, I assure you we here at TLZ and Creephouse Comics are hard at work on the next phases of Creephouse Comics.  2013 will be a production year with numerous new comic stories coming from us, updated websites and all sorts of goodies as we prepare for the con season

During the Slow Times…

The thing about making webcomics is sometimes there are periods where not much is going on.  Not story wise, but production wise.  Right now seems to be one of those times again.  I am in between collected volumes, working on tons of behind the scenes stuff like new banner adds, website updates and other things not related to Teenage Love

All Quiet…Again.

Howdy All!  Not much going on over here at TLZ.  This time of year is usually slow what with the holidays over.  But not all is lost.  I just finished up enough pages for the 3rd volume of TLZ and I will have something special in store for the upcoming Valentines Day!