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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Never let it be said that we here at Teenage Love Zombies are not the romantic type. In fact we are so romantic we want to spread the love to all of our fans. If you’re looking for that something special or just plum forgot we have you covered. TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS:   Just click the image

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day TLZ fans.  Looking for a last minute gift idea for your special somebody?  Well, we here at TLZ have you covered.  Just print out these Teenage Love Zombies missives of love and share with the one you care about and your Valentines Day is sure to be a hit. Simply click the image above to get the

All Quiet…Again.

Howdy All!  Not much going on over here at TLZ.  This time of year is usually slow what with the holidays over.  But not all is lost.  I just finished up enough pages for the 3rd volume of TLZ and I will have something special in store for the upcoming Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Cards TLZ Style

Forget to get your special somebody something for Valentines Day? Maybe you know somebody you want to know how special they are? Well here at Teenage Love Zombies I have something special for you this Valentines Day: Official TLZ Valentines Cards! Cut them up, fold them over, mail them or just keep them for yourself, they are my gift to