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On DeviantArt…

On DeviantArt… published on No Comments on On DeviantArt…

I just wanted to throw this out there.  This is where I put all my art that is not Teenage Love Zombies or Creephouse Comics related (though they do cross over sometimes).  It has illustrations, sketches, commissions and some of my published and professional work available for all to see.  Thanks for stopping by!

Denver Comic Con Events and Details

Denver Comic Con Events and Details published on No Comments on Denver Comic Con Events and Details

This Friday is the 2nd Denver Comic Con.  Yours truly will be representing Creephouse Comics in artist alley at table G-19.  As part of the festivities I will be a part of two different panels.

First up, the Webcomic Pioneers are returning to do a follow up from last years panel.  Details follow:

Friday May 31st 7:00PM Room 109

Connect with local Colorado creators in a Q&A style discussion about the latest challenges for independent, creator-owned works! Potential topics include Kickstarter and crowd-funding, the changing face of social media, and the process and pitfalls of making comics in the digital age. Panelists include Robin Dempsey (LeyLines), Liam Tigh and Scooter Hughes (LIFE Under Construction), Kevin Gentilcore (Teenage Love Zombies), and Shawn Gustafson and Al Fukalek (The Specialists).

The second panel is the Horror & Mystery Panel.  I will be talking about horror comics with the awesome Robert Elrod, Ben Templesmith, Brian Pulido and Alfred Trujillo.  Here are those details:

Saturday June 1st, 1:30pm Room 104-106

In the 1950s, Horror and Mystery Comics were the reason behind the Comics Code.   These comics have been around just as long as superheroes in tights.  So why do they not get more respect?  These masterpieces not only tell captivating stories, but they have to scare us when it comes to turning that page.   Learn from some of the best in the genre.  Where are Horror and Mystery Comics headed?   Will digital formats spotlight this great genre?   Stop in and find out.

ALSO, I will have an exclusive TLZ print, signed, numbered and limited to 25 copies.  These will be $20 a piece and once they are gone, they are gone.

See everybody at the show this weekend.  It is going to be amazing!


Con Season…

Con Season… published on No Comments on Con Season…

Con season is starting to ramp up.  So far Creephouse Comics will be appearing at shows.

First up will be ComicFest April 19-21.  ComicFest is part of the overall Starfest Convention and will be held at the Hyatt Regency DTC in Denver.  I will be presenting a panel all about Teenage Love Zombies and Creephouse Comics the Sunday of the show at 1pm in the CF Panel Room.  There will be TONS of fantastic local talent set up in artist alley.

Next up is Denver Comic Con.  This is the shows second year and if last year is any indication this one will be even bigger and crazier.  Rumor has it the Webcomic Pioneers will be doing another panel discussion again.

I will be in artist alley both shows with tons of awesome Creephouse goodies so if you are coming to the shows stop by and say hi!

The New Creephouse Comics Website!

The New Creephouse Comics Website! published on No Comments on The New Creephouse Comics Website!

Creephouse Comics, home to Teenage Love Zombies, has a new website!  Creephouse Comics is primed and ready for 2013 and we thought it was time to update the site.  Swing by to check it out.  While you are there, browse our entire catalog now available for digital download (as well as print) and you might as well ask Creephouse Comics own knower of the knowing Mr. Sheckles a question.  Here is to more Creephouse Comics and thanks for coming along on the ride!