Don’t Hmmm Me!

Here is my brief explanation about how zombies function in this universe.  I based it off the idea that this story takes place in a world where zombies are not part of the pop culture lexicon or have not existed in their “real world.”  I think to us, zombies are so engrained in our culture we already know how they come to be at least in the multiplying capacity.  A zombie bites you, you become a zombie.  While that scenario is familiar to us I thought it was important to introduce to our characters so they would have the same understanding?  What do you think?  Do zombies need explanation anymore?

  • Arrakis

    I find that exposition is never wasted, especially when it involves the “lore” of the stories universe. Sure most people know how the typical zombie works but it never hurts to clarify it to keep people on the same page, especially to keep the characters up to date.
    I love Vanalstynes dramatic camera angles here, gives his monologue some added flair.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the response and I am glad you found the explanation useful instead of redundant. Vanalstyne is really the only character “in the know” so a lot of this type of exposition is going to be falling on his shoulders. I try to keep if spread out enough though :)