What is Fausto up to now?  Well besides scaring the bajeezus out of that Pharmacist.  Scaring him is probably not all.  Next week Fausto gets another new look!

NEW CONTEST!  Aside from the main contest I am holding all month long, every week with each new page I am holding a contest on the TLZ Facebook page.  This week the prize is a custom art personal sketch card from me, Kevin Gentilcore.  To enter just go over to the Facebook page and share todays new page of TLZ.  Everybody who shares will be entered into a chance to win.  The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Thursday on the Facebook Page.

Happy Halloween!

  • Arrakis

    Could “stabbed by pencil” be considered a look? If so, Fausto will pull it off wonderfully.

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      That is the last thing he needs is another massive injury lol. Well maybe not the last.

  • http://twitter.com/Graveyard_Gang Rich Clabaugh

    I love Fausto (great name too) He’s got a total “Herbert West—Reanimator” (story not movie) going on! Can’t wait to see his new look!