I Mean, We Died…

Guy and Loraine getting some more alone time again.  They sure manage to get a lot out in these few seconds alone.  Like always though they get interrupted.  They have started to address some of the more “common” affects of being a zombie.  Remember in this comic, zombies are a new thing without decades of previous material (or incidents) for any precedence.  There will be more on this later… Tons of new greasers showing up in the next couple of pages!

  • Arrakis

    A “hunger” eh? This can only lead to good things in the future.
    I’m normally not that much of a scenery guy, but the background in this page is amazing!

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      I have really been enjoying drawing all these trees and night scenes. It seems to be becoming a part of the character of the story. I am very excited to get to the change of scenery! Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/Graveyard_Gang Rich Clabaugh

    Yikes! Better stay away from Lorraine! Nicely done page Kevin, really digging your backgrounds!

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      Thank you sir!

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.henderson.988 Luke Henderson

    I’ve been meaning to say, I like it how their word balloons are different now that they are zombies. I love little attention to detail like that.