I Was Dead?

Alright we have them moving away from the castle.  That place has gotten sketchy anyway. This is their first glimpse of what happened to their friends. Guy was obviously distraught about Loraine being killed that he might not have thought about what happened to Ox and Ruthanne.  I miss these two but you have got to break some eggs and all that.  Some science dropping is coming your way again next week!

  • Arrakis

    Well that’s awesome, seems like someone figured out to shoot for the head before things got too out of hand and started the apocalypse. You know, besides the inherent risk in the rest of the zombified cast just walking around :D

    • Anonymous

      Seemed like a happy accident though lol. While some of my zombie standards are based on the general rules already established by the genre I like to think I am adding my own little twist on things. More of that coming next week!

  • Dyl Kloepfer

    One of my favourite pages yet!