Mystery Help….

Bring on the voodoo!  Our new mystery character will have to remain that way for the time being but rest assured you will be getting more of them in the future.  So now we have mad scientist monsters, the military, an undead madman on the loose and some creepy voodoo zombies to come…

  • RIch Clabaugh

    Damn, your monsters are awesome Kevin! I cannot wait to see more of them and some voodoo shenanigans!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thanks Rich! There will be plenty of these guys coming up in a bit.

  • Arrakis

    Voodoo zombies don’t get enough love so I’m ecstatic that you have them here. Although the Vanalstyne zombies do look much better put together I’m loving the zombie up front with the sunken eyes and nasal cavity.

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      I really wanted to incorporate the voodoo style zombies because I love that take on zombies and they were kind of the OG of zombies. Of course just like the rest of TLZ they will have my particular spin to them. I did want them to have a more intimidating look and presence than the Vanalstyne group.

  • Dyl Kloepfer

    Just keeps getting better.