The Next Bomb…

First Vanalstyne tells them some voodoo witches may be able to help now he tells them he used to work for the very same military that is chasing them. Clearly Vanalstyne has many secrets and who knows how many more he is keeping from them. I suspect more will be divulged as the story unfold. And where has Granville been this whole time? He sure is a mysterious creature as well… Also we have a winner to last weeks contest. Check the post below!

  • Arrakis

    I love the dramatic angle on Vanalstyne when he makes the big reveal. I wonder whether his flair for drama led him to the realm of mad science or if it came along after as part of the job description. Now the question is what Vanalstyne was doing for the military. Wha it the zombie project for super soldiers or was it something more mundane…

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      I think part of the draw to the mad scientific arts is the overly dramatic lifestyle it comes with. You can’t really be a fair tempered easy going mad scientist everything has to have flair to it! As far as his involvement with the military, all will be revealed…

  • RIch Clabaugh

    Kevin, nice intriguing entry this week! You drew some really nice faces and facial expressions! I look forward to reading more, keep it up!!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thank you sir! I have really been trying to explore more ranges of expression with these characters especially since some of them have no irises.

      • Thegraveyardgang Comic

        try working with dot eyes! *L*