Wakey Wakey…

Greetings to all the new readers I met in Albuquerque at ACE!  Welcome to Teenage Love Zombies!  I feel a little bad having Annabelle wake up to Fausto’s crazy severed head instead of with Vanalstyne.  Being suddenly reanimated back into life is probably shocking enough let alone having to do it bound in the woods with Fausto.  For now it seems he doesn’t want to hurt her but I doubt she knows that…

  • Arrakis

    Well she isn’t green, but is that an actual improvement on the process that the Doctor figured out or just a side effect of the age of the corpse?

    • Anonymous

      I had imagined that her tone is a bit different because she has been dead for so much longer.

  • Dyl Kloepfer

    2 of my favourite character designs.

    • http://www.teenagelovezombies.com/ Kevin Gentilcore

      Thank you!