You Look Like Hell…

Finally we get to meet the greasers Guy was talking about.  I could draw greasers all day long but alas, things must get done.  I really tried to find some greaser styles that haven’t been represented before in the pages of TLZ.  While the girl in the front may be a little more modern I think their appearances fit well within the confines of this world.  Next week, more greasers and a plot is hatched.  Hey!  It is almost Halloween!  There are all sorts of treats for you this month here at TLZ.  Poke around and check out today’s post (or below) for all the details.

  • Arrakis

    Well that seems like a bit of an understatement given the circumstances…
    I like the new site design, the orange is nice.

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thank you! I love changing things up every now and then.

  • Rich Clabaugh

    Nice entry Kevin, love the ‘Greasette’! I’m anxious to see where the story’s gonna go from here!
    October is ‘the’ month, yay spooky comics!!

    • Kevin Gentilcore

      Thanks man. I did a pinup of her for the weekly drawing blog I am a part of over at It wouldn’t be Halloween unless we get some creepy zombies back in action…