Teenage Wind Up Zombies!

You may recall for Christmas I posted a picture of a plush Granville that my amazing and wonderful girlfriend Desirae got for me for Christmas.  Today I came home to find this: That is a wind up Guy she made for me while I was at work today! Isn’t it awesome?! Isn’t she the best?!… Continue reading Teenage Wind Up Zombies!

The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards

I don’t normally post my other work outside of TLZ and Creephouse Comics here but since these are so closely related I thought I might give you all a look.  Recently I participated in Cryptozoic’s Walking Dead trading card series as a sketch card artist.  I did 20 cards for the set.  Like most sketch… Continue reading The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards

Denver Comic Con Wrap Up

I feel like I have been on a small comic book tour since the end of April.  Starting with Comic Fest in April I have been appearing at promotional evens more or less every weekend until this past weekend when my last event for the next few months was Denver Comic Con.  The previous weekend… Continue reading Denver Comic Con Wrap Up

This Weekend Albuquerque Comic Expo!

The time has come again for the Albuquerque Comic Expo.  This weekend I will be right smack dab in the middle of artist alley at table B14 pushing Creephouse Comics goods.  For all of you coming I will be premiering the second collection of Teenage Love Zombies as well as the new Creephouse Comics book Never Send… Continue reading This Weekend Albuquerque Comic Expo!

Some News and a Giveaway…

First up lets get some news out of the way.  Free Comic Book Day was a blast!  Time Warp really knows how to do the day right.  I must have spent all day drawing with few breaks in between.  Awesome company and good times.  I am definitely looking forward to next year! Second I will be at Denver… Continue reading Some News and a Giveaway…