Some News and a Giveaway…

First up lets get some news out of the way.  Free Comic Book Day was a blast!  Time Warp really knows how to do the day right.  I must have spent all day drawing with few breaks in between.  Awesome company and good times.  I am definitely looking forward to next year! Second I will be at Denver… Continue reading Some News and a Giveaway…

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day!  I will be celebrating at Time Warp in boulder with a hole bunch of other fine comic making folks.  The festivities get under way at 10 am and go to about 7pm.  From what I hear it is going to be a raucous good time.  Last year was beyond awesome… Continue reading Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

Denver ComicFest April 20-22

This is creeping up sooner than I realized!  I will be at Denver ComicFest  again this year.  I love this show and I always have a great time.  There will be a ton of wonderfully talented local artists and comic creators at the show as well.  I will have books for sale and will be… Continue reading Denver ComicFest April 20-22

Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt, at least the TV show probably makes up a good majority of my earlier horror memories. I have very specific memories of sneaking to watch it on HBO after my father had sent us to bed so he could watch Elvira alone. WHat struck me as a child about it was… Continue reading Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt