Denver ComicFest 2012 Wrap Up

Denver ComicFest was awesome this year!  Every year it has been getting better and better.  I sold out of all of my Monster Mug postcard prints and almost sold out all of my TLZ books.  The Webcomic Pioneers panel went really well and was a good precursor for our more in depth panels at Denver Comic Con.  A… Continue reading Denver ComicFest 2012 Wrap Up

Al Fukalek and Fausto

Al Fukalek the artist of the awesome webcomic The Specialists (and Webcomic Pioneers member) sent me his outstanding take on Fausto. When I opened up my email this morning and saw this I squealed. I love seeing different artists take on my characters. Al really knocked this one out of the park. Thank you sir! Make sure you check… Continue reading Al Fukalek and Fausto

Teenage Wind Up Zombies!

You may recall for Christmas I posted a picture of a plush Granville that my amazing and wonderful girlfriend Desirae got for me for Christmas.  Today I came home to find this: That is a wind up Guy she made for me while I was at work today! Isn’t it awesome?! Isn’t she the best?!… Continue reading Teenage Wind Up Zombies!

Some News and a Giveaway…

First up lets get some news out of the way.  Free Comic Book Day was a blast!  Time Warp really knows how to do the day right.  I must have spent all day drawing with few breaks in between.  Awesome company and good times.  I am definitely looking forward to next year! Second I will be at Denver… Continue reading Some News and a Giveaway…

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day!  I will be celebrating at Time Warp in boulder with a hole bunch of other fine comic making folks.  The festivities get under way at 10 am and go to about 7pm.  From what I hear it is going to be a raucous good time.  Last year was beyond awesome… Continue reading Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!